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Advantages Of Havell's PVC & XLPE Cables

Advantages Of PVC Cables: -

  • A Non - Hygroscopic Insulation Almost Unaffested By Moisture.
  • Non - Migration Of Compound Permitting Vertical Installation.
  • Complete Protection Against Most Forms Of Electrolytic And Chemical Corrosion.
  • A Tough And Resilient Sheath With Excellent Fire Retarding Qualities.
  • Good Ageing Characteristics.
  • Not Affected By Vibration.

Advantages Of XLPE Cables: -

  • Higher Current Rating.
  • Higher Short Circuit Current Rating
  • Longer Service Life.
  • For A Short Time It Can Withstand Maximum 250.Deg.C And This Is Favourable To Endure Short Circuit Stresses.
  • It Is Less Sensitive To The Setting Of Network Protection.
  • Because Of Cross linking Of Insulation, Crack Resistance Is Increased.
  • Due To The Chemical Cross Linking Internal Stresses Are Reduced. Consequently The Material Is LessSensitive During Manufacturing Process To The Setting Of The Coolong Gradient.
  • The Thermal Resistivity Of Cross - Linked material Is Favourably Low, Compared to Thermoplastic Materials.
  • The Low Dielectric Loss Is A Significant Advantage.
  • The Excellent Mechanical Features Of The Insulation Improve The Protection Against External Effects.
  • The Resistance Of The XLPE To Acids Or Alkalies Is Excellent And Is Often Compensating The Adverse Environmental Influences.

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