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MCB's, MCCB's & HRC Fuse Are Help Full To Detect Overload Of Current And Short Circuits. RCCB / ELCB Fuse Are Help Full For Leakage Current And Disconnects The Circuit Form Power Supply. Earth Leakage Is An Electrical Hazard, Which Is Responsible For Electric Shock And Fire Risk. Earth Leakage And Its Associated Hazard Can Be Prevented by The Use Of Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RRCB), Also Popularly Known As The Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker.

Protection Against Electrocution: -

The Use Of Exposed, Substandard, Badly Wired, Wrongly Connected Or Damaged Equipment As Well As Frayed Cables Or Bad Cable Joints Reduces The Safety Of An Installation AndIncreases The risk To Person Receiving Electric Shock. Fuses And MCBs, Whilst Provide Protection Against Overcurrents And Indirect Contact, Do Not Give Any Protection to Any Person, Who May Come Into Contact With Live Parts Causing Current To Flow Through The Body To Earth. A Correctly Chosen RCCB Can Detect Such Small Currents Flowing To Earth And Breaks The Circuit To Greatly Reduce The Risk Of Electrocution To Humans And Somestic Cattle At Shock Hazard Voltages.

Protection Against Indirect contact: -

In Case Of Circuits With High Earth Fault Loop Impedance, The Use Of Overcurrent Protective Devices Is Disqualified By Wiring Regulations.

Protection Against Fire: -

The Majority Of Fires Occur As Result Of Faulty Wiring, Ehich Results in A Fault Current Flowing To The Earth. Fires Can Be Started By Fault Currents Of This Nature Of Less Than 1 Amp. The Normal Domestic Overload Protective Device, Such As A Fuse Or An MCB, Cannot Detect Such A Small Current. A Correctly Chosen RRCB Shall Detect This Fault Current, Interrupt The Supply, And Greatly Reduce The Risk Of Fire.

Available Brands : -

  • Havell's
  • MDS

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